Friday, September 26, 2008

Daughter's name

We wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to name our daughter, Abigail Elizabeth Robinson. Candy has always wanted a daughter named Abigail. The name sounded great to me. However, we spent quite some time deciding on her middle name. We had prefered a short middle name, due to her first name (Abigail) and our last name (Robinson). One name I felt was good was Elizabeth. When I presented the name to Candy, she really liked it! We know she'll have a long name but it's more of an old-fashioned name, which we both prefer. Therefore, we agreed upon the name Abigail Elizabeth Robinson!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

36 week appointment

We went on Tuesday for our 36 week appointment and ultrasound. Everything is great. Thank you God! My blood pressure is still good. Abigail is measuring at 6 lbs 7 oz right now. The ultrasound technician said that she could see hair on Abigail's head. I couldn't tell from the angle I was looking at the screen so I'll just take her word for it. My OB said there is a 50/50 chance of delivering close to my due date. It's still a little early to tell. I'm not dilated any. I will go on weekly checkups until delivery so our next appointment is Tuesday at 12:25. We are so excited about little Abigail arriving. Thank you for all your prayers. Please keep praying. We boldly ask God for one more day. Until next time....God is good! All the time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

34 week checkup

We went for my 34 week checkup this morning. We heard Abigail's heart beat through the hand-held device (Fetal Doppler). I always love hearing her heart beat! The doctor said it sounded perfect. My blood pressure is still good too. Everything is going well. My weight has been fluctuating very little (which is good). As of today, I've only gained 5 pounds since February. Thank you God for a good report! We go back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound and checkup. Only 6 weeks to go, if I go until my due date! Please keep us in your prayers. We boldly ask God for one more day. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Baby shower

I want to thank all the ladies that came to the baby shower at church Saturday night. Your being there was a blessing in itself. Thank you Misty for organizing and leading it and thank you Mrs. Bennett for the touching devotion. Of course, we are extremely grateful for all the wonderful gifts. Thank you to everyone who has given a gift. It's been fun going through everything. I will update the Wal-Mart registry once I go through everything again since many items weren't taken off. There's a few more things we need but we know that God will provide. Thanks again for your kindness! May God bless you for it!

Prayer requests

I have several members of my family on my mom's side that need your prayers. Please pray from my grandfather (mom's dad), Willis Bray. He found out on Friday in a pre-op appointment for cataract surgery that he has a stomach aneurysm (a localized, balloon-like bulge of a blood vessel). Thankfully they caught it before the vessel burst. The vessel is 2 1/2 times the normal size. His cataract surgery has been postponed. He will be going in for major surgery to fix the vessel tomorrow morning and will be in Intensive Care for a few days and in the hospital for more than a week. Please pray for the surgery to go well and for him to heal quickly and completely. Please pray for my uncle (mom's youngest brother), Michael Bray. He lost a kidney and received a kidney transplant for the one kidney he had over 15 years ago. His current kidney function is at about 50%. Please pray for healing. Please pray from my aunt (mom's oldest brother's wife) Joann Bray. She has an enlarged liver and spleen. It's not a good prognosis. Please pray for healing.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Root Canal #2

As I mentioned in my post last week, I was experiencing some pain with the tooth beside the one that had a root canal last Wednesday. I called the dentist last Friday afternoon and they said it was normal to experience pain (fighting infection/bruising) after a root canal. I knew it wasn't normal when the pain continued for days. The pain was extremely bad Wednesday night which caused another sleepless night. I was running out of pain killers and they weren't helping much anyways. Thursday morning I called the dentist and they said they had a cancellation and they could see me at 8am. I saw a different dentist in the practice from last week. He said he couldn't see an issue with the tooth but with the symptoms I described he suggested a root canal. I said go for it, just make this pain go away! During the procedure, the dentist did confirm that the nerve was no longer "alive" and a root canal was in order. I don't think they used enough novocain this time though cause I felt some pain during the procedure and definitely felt major pain afterwards. They did prescribe more antibiotics and pain killers. It took several hours for the pain killer to kick in so needless to say, yesterday was a painful day, plus expensive! I go back for a post-op checkup Thursday to make sure I am healing properly. Please pray that everything heals quickly and completely. Also pray that Abigail continues to grow without any complications. We've had no complications so far with the pregnancy and we are thankful for that. I go on Tuesday for my 34 week checkup. We are extremely excited about the church baby shower tomorrow. My parents and Mark's mom will be up for the weekend. Mark's dad and stepmom are stopping by this evening before the storm hits. We are thrilled to have family coming for a visit! Please pray for everyone's safety on the road through this upcoming storm. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Abigail will be here soon! We boldly ask God for one more day! Until next time...God is good! All the time!