Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VBS Night 2

We had 12 girls in our group tonight!

Skit time


Game time

Ready to play

Listening to game instructions

More singing

Boys singing


Abigail and her friend Nyah

Monday, July 30, 2012

HBC VBS Night 1

This year's Vacation Bible School's theme is SonTreasure Island. There were 125 total tonight on the church grounds. Monica and I have the 4-5 year old girls this year. We had 8 girls tonight for Night 1. They were such a good group of girls! Everything is going smoothly and I look forward to tomorrow night to see how many more children will we have.  

Black Boots and Abigail

Listening to Ms Pam

Skit crew

Watching the skit


8 sweet girls

Game time

Pre-k girls at snack time
Pre-k boys at snack time

Such a good group of girls

Ms Monica and I with our girls

More singing

Friday, July 27, 2012

Follow-up post to allergic reaction

Thankfully, the rash has almost cleared completely. I'm definitely not liking the side effects of the medicines for sure (irritable and increased appetite)! Only one more day on the steroid and I'm only taking the antihistamine as needed. Thanks for the prayers, keep them coming!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harrisonburg, VA Weekend Trip

We went up for a 3 day weekend to Mark's dad and stepmom's house in Harrisonburg, VA. We had the best time and look forward to our next visit up there. Enjoy the pictures and video!

Beautiful girl at a beautiful view

Abigail and Daddy

In front of the "fish" pond

Pretty girl

Watching Donna fix her blankie


Swinging with Donna

Baby bunny

Abigail got real close to it

Watering plants

So excited about the flowers we picked

Our fresh picked flowers

Spinning at the mill

Tour of the mill with Donna

Deer in the back yard

Abigail watching the deer from the balcony

Going on a walk

There she goes!

Daddy and Abigail

All smiles!

Mommy and Abigail

A fox in the yard


Hummingbird in flight

Such a good helper!

At the river


Throwing rocks

Watching Grandpa make a canal

Me and Mark

Gathering rocks

Mark relaxing

Pretty butterfly

Mommy and Abigail

Filling up the bucket

Grandpa and Donna checking out the fish

She loved the river!