Friday, August 29, 2008

What an eventful couple of weeks!

This is a long post but I just wanted to share the eventful couple of weeks we have had. First off, I want to congratulate Angie and Jeremy on the birth of their handsome baby boy Luke James Knutson on Monday, August 18th. Mark and I stayed in town to be there for the delivery. What a big boy! 9 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long. Check out the pics of this cutie on Angie's blog ( We got to see him for a couple minutes after delivery and then headed to Sandbridge Beach.

Mark and I went to the condo for six day's worth of rest and relaxation. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Thank you God for putting us together! We did get to go down to the beach once and to the pool once during the week. We also were able to attend the Norfolk Tides baseball game in the skybox right behind home plate on Friday night. Well, let's just say the rest of the week wasn't so fun! I had a toothache our entire vacation which I thought was a sinus infection, plus Mark busted his toe open on Wednesday and we had to go to urgent care several times during the week. He even had to miss some days of work this week because of the injury. Please pray that it continues to heal and that he won't lose his toenail. As for me, what I thought was a sinus infection turned into the horrible toothache after eating icecream on Thursday night. Since I'm pregnant, all I could really take was Tylenol, apply orajel and do some home remedies. None of which helped. The earliest my dentist could see me was this Tuesday. I was in so much pain I went to urgent care on Monday after work and they gave me antibiotics and a pain killer. I didn't sleep a wink Monday night. The dentist told me on Tuesday that I would have to have a root canal on the second to the back tooth on the top left side but I had to have permission from my OB first. I told them that I was seeing my OB that day for my 32 week checkup and would have him call. The pain killer finally kicked in on the way to the OB but I unfortunately didn't take the last pill with food. I got sick in the car. Yuck! Thankfully Mark was driving. My OB ok'd the root canal and checked on Abigail and we are doing fine. Praise the Lord! I go back in two weeks. So my dentist scheduled my root canal for 11a Wednesday. That was not fun. They numbed me up and I had to lay there for 90 minutes. They couldn't put a crown on yet because I'm pregnant. They said that my root was very long and curved so it's good that we went the root canal route instead of extraction. $750 later, I have a smaller tooth with some "cement" on it until I can get the crown after Abigail is delivered. I can't eat anything on the left side of my mouth for 10 days and until I get the crown, I can't eat anything hard. I go back on December 1st for a cleaning and to schedule my crown. The crown will be a pretty penny too. I hate that dental work is so expensive! I'm experiencing some additional pain and had to call the dentist today. They said that it was common to feel some pain and that I need to continue to take my antibiotics, put ice on the area, keep my head elevated, take the pain medication as needed and stay hydrated. Easy for them to say! Right now it kills me to drink anything (even room temp)! Please pray that this pain goes away quickly and that I heal completely. I don't need any added stress on the body right now! I do want to thank God for the good report we got on Abigail this week. We boldly ask God for one more day. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10 weeks to go

It's hard to believe that I am 30 weeks pregnant. Time has flown by! We are very thankful that Abigail and I have remained healthy and strong. Thank you to all who are praying for us. Please continue! Abigail has been very active the last week or so. It's exciting to see my belly move when she is moving around. Mark has been able to feel her move too which is always a great experience. We go for my 32 week checkup on the 26th. I'll probably have to go every 2 weeks until we get closer to the due date. Please pray that everything continues to go smoothly.

We had Vacation Bible School last week at church and boy was that a long week! Being the teacher for the 4-5 year old girls kept me busy. Mark was a helper for recreation time and spent every evening outside leading a game for each class. I'm glad that I didn't have to stay in the heat every night. The week ran smooth and we had a total of 14 children saved. Praise the Lord!
Next week we are taking a vacation to the condo in Sandbridge. This is the last year that we will be able to go to the condo since it's no longer offered to Getloaded employees. It's sad but we are thankful for the great times we've had there. We will also be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Like I said before, time has flown by! Mark has been such a great husband. I thank God everyday for bringing us together.
Oh, and before I forget, the church is having my baby shower on Saturday, September 6th at 7pm. We are planning to register at Wal-Mart and Target. It's going to be fun registering for little Abigail! We boldly ask God for one more day. Until next time...God is good! All the time!