Monday, December 28, 2009

Abigail is 14 months old

We are blessed. Abigail is 14 months old today. Just yesterday she took her first steps. We are excited about all her new experiences. Thank you God for our healthy, beautiful and happy baby girl. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Abigail took her first steps!

We are thrilled to say that Abigail took her first steps today. We got the second try on video. It won't be long now before she gets the hang of it and will be running around! Thank you God for our healthy, happy, beautiful daughter! We are blessed. Enjoy the video. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas holiday visiting our families. We headed to Virginia Beach on Christmas Eve. It's a two hour drive down there but thankfully traffic wasn't bad at all. We got unpacked at Grandma Belle's house and then headed over to Mark's cousin's house for the Hadley Christmas Eve party. The food was good and it was nice to see his relatives. Abigail was able to play with a few of her third cousins and had a blast. There was a gift exchange and we unexpectingly got a couple gifts for Abigail. Thank you to all that gave! We then headed back to Mark's mom's house and stayed the night. Abigail slept very well considering she was not in her crib. That was a great Christmas present to me! On Christmas morning I fixed green bean casserole to take to my cousin's house for Christmas lunch. While it was baking, Mark, Belle and I exchanged gifts. Abigail got even more stuff! She is one blessed little girl. Thank you Grandma Belle! After the gift exchange, we all packed up and drove an hour to Elizabeth City, NC to spend time with my mom's side of the family. It was so good to see my parents again. Christmas lunch was delicious as always. We exchanged gifts in the afternoon. Abigail got more and more stuff! Thanks Nonni and Papa! We had to head back around 3pm since Mark had to work Christmas night. It was hard saying bye to family. We wished we lived closer to family. It's hard being in Richmond without our families. Don't get us wrong, the church family is wonderful but there's nothing like your real family! Thank you to all of our family for loving and supporting us so much. We are truly blessed! Enjoy the pictures. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pictures we took of Abigail for our Christmas cards this year. Our baby girl is growing up! She is sitting in a rocking chair that my late Grandpabud(my dad's dad) built. We tested her out in the chair in her pajamas before we got he dressed. Abigail enjoyed sitting in the chair only for a little while. She got real hot and frustrated because she could not crawl around in her dress. We had to strip her down to just her diaper as soon as the last picture was taken. Enjoy the pictures! Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Look at me!

I think I got the hang of this.Mommy's favorite pose
Another favorite pose
Joker smile
Getting bored
No, I don't want to look at you
Photo session over!


They've called it Blizzard 2009 on the news and boy did we get some snow! We got between 7-9 inches around town. Some areas east of us got up to 13 inches. Thankfully we stayed safe. Enjoy a few pictures I took from our balcony. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Abigail and her walker

Abigail hasn't walked on her own yet but she loves using the walker that our friends, Tommy and Amy, got her for her birthday. Here are a few clips. She should be walking on her own soon. :) Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mark's 30th Birthday Party

We celebrated Mark's 30th birthday Saturday afternoon with a few close friends from church. It was a nice get together with our friends at Brandon and Misty's house. Thank you for your hospitality Brandon and Misty! We always enjoy visiting your home. Although we had the first bit of snow of the winter season during the party, we still had a good and safe time. Before dinner, we all snacked on chips and Misty's french onion dip and chips and salsa and cheese. Football was on the tv for the evening (Florida and Alabama-sorry that the Gators lost, Dad!). Pizza and boneless wings from Domino's was Mark's choice for dinner. Mark is not a cake person, so I made his favorite brownies with peanut butter chips. Brandon made his famous dirt which is always delicious. Mark received money, gift cards and a sweatshirt hoodie. We are very thankful for the gifts and time with friends. Thank you to all who came! Until next time..God is good! All the time!