Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We were invited to Angie and Jeremy's for Jeremy's 32nd birthday and a Halloween Party tonight. It was good to get together with friends. Abigail's black kitty outfit didn't work out because she was too long for it. We ended up getting a pumpkin outfit today. I call her pumpkin all the time anyway. Enjoy the pictures. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Wild hair baby before the party
Oh no, I got caught!
The spread (great job Angie!)
Momma and her pumpkin
Momma and her not so happy pumpkin
Where's my hat?
Hee Hee!
Luke and Abigail
Luke and his beautiful blues!
What did you say?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Abigail's 1 year checkup

Abigail went for her one year checkup today. She is doing great! She weighs 22 lbs 13 oz (75%) and is 31 1/4 inches long (95%). Poor thing got 4 shots. They definitely had an effect on her this evening. We missed the Fall Festival tonight because she was so fussy and ended up taking a nap at 6:30. Please keep us in your prayers. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Abigail is a year old!

It is hard to believe that Abigail was born one year ago. What a wonderful day that was! Thank you God for our miracle! I keep thinking back on the scary experience of our hospital stay. Here is a portion of the post I put up when we got home from the hospital......

The epideral was at about 40% and they were having trouble getting Abigail's heartbeat reading. My OB came in and said that I was 2 cm dilated but Abigail's head was still high. I was put on oxygen and since they were having trouble getting Abigail's heartbeat from my belly, they decided to go a different route and insert a heart monitor attachment which would attach to Abigail's head. That meant they had to break my water. As soon as they broke my water and got Abigail's heartbeat reading they said her heartbeat was down to 40 and we had to do an emergency c-section. The aweful thing about this was that Mark and his mom were down in the cafeteria. My mom was with me and she tried to call Mark but he didn't answer. I was freaking out. I've never seen so many nurses in all my life. I felt like I was on ER or some other show like that. They rushed me out so quick. I remember saying over and over again on the quick trip to the operating room, "Oh God, please protect Abigail, Oh God, please protect Abigail." Now remember, my epideral was only at 40% so when we got in the operating room, they tried to up it as fast as they could. Unfortunately, they didn't do it fast enough and I felt them cut me open. OUCH!!!! I screamed like I've never screamed before. The anesthesiologist quickly put me to sleep. Next thing I remember I am slowly waking up in the recovery room. They took my glasses off which kinda made the waking up experience even harder. The first words I heard from a nurse was that Abigail was fine and that we did well. What a relief and an answer to prayer! Thank you God! My OB came in and said that when they pulled Abigail out, her cord was wrapped around her neck and belly. I was wheeled up to my room and I finally got to hold my little Abigail at about 3:30 pm. She is absolutely beautiful! It is amazing what God can do! Thank you to all who prayed for us during the pregnancy and delivery. I had a rough time Wednesday night into Thursday morning. I couldn't nurse Abigail because I was so sick. I finally started to feel better Thursday evening and should have gone home on Friday. My first solid meal was Friday morning so the doctor wanted me to stay another day to make sure I was completely better. We got released at about 12:15 Saturday with a clean bill of health for me and Abigail...

Thank you God for watching over me and Abigail. We are blessed with a beautiful, healthy and happy daughter. Keep us in your prayers. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Party Pics and Video

Yummy finger food
Some of the decor
The layout
Not sure about all of this... Yummy cake Finger licking good
Birthday girl
Letting Momma taste Had enough cake, now sleepy time
Her new rolly turtle
Her new kissy doll Her new coat from Grandma The group (minus Uncle Bobby)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Here's a picture I took yesterday. Abigail really enjoyed swinging on the baby swing at church. Until next time...God is good! All the time!

Sippy cup and belly button

Abigail pulls up all the time now and stands on her own just for a little bit. I'm sure she will be standing on her own very soon and walking will be right around the corner. Abigail has finally learned to drink from a sippy cup. We had two different kinds laying around filled up and ready for her to use for months. She chose to go for the one Nonni (my mom) got her. Now she just needs to learn to hold her milk bottle (aka bahbah). I think she likes being pampered. :) Abigail also discovered her belly button over the weekend. It was too funny so I took a video. She is too cute. Enjoy the recent pictures and video. Until next time...God is good! All the time!